No Valid License for Halion Sonic Factory Program Presets

No Valid Licence for HS SE

I have the same problem as countless others, which seems to have been going on for some months judging by posts on this forum. The following (posted by CUBAWAK in April 2011) describes my problem exactly:

When Cubase opens I receive error message:

License error. No valid licence found for:
HALion Sonic Factory Program Presets 01
HALion Sonic Factory Program Presets 02

After I press OK and start loading project another error message appear:
HALion Sonic SE
License error. No valid license found for:
HALion Sonic Factory Program Presets 01
HALion Sonic Factory Program Presets 02
HALion Sonic TR Kits 01
HALion Sonic Grand Piano 01
etc - rest of the programs.

When I click OK project loads.

I reinstalled HALion Sonic SE twice from Cubase 6 CD. I unistalled HALion Sonic and HALion Sonic content using HALion Sonic CD.
While project is open I can open HALion Sonic SE from Synth group. It’s working fine. I think all sounds are there.
I can open my HALion Symphonic Orchestra - it’s working fine - has all sounds.
I don’t see HALion Sonic in instruments anymore but I still have same error message.

As mentioned, I too have this problem. I have the latest eLicenser software installed.

I work on a cruise ship and have very sporadic (and very expensive!) internet access, so I cannot really afford to spend days browsing forums for an answer to this problem. I am a registered user of Cubase 6 and have been with Cubase since the early VST versions.

A friend of mine is running an unlicensed version of Cubase 6 (ie a ‘cracked’ copy) and he has no problems with accessing Halion or any other VSTi. Where’s the justice in that???

There are obviously a large number of of registered users who have this problem. Why has there been no fix?

I would like a fix for this immediately. I do not think I am being unfair in requesting this. I’ve paid good money for this product, yet it remains faulty. Steinberg - please deal with this.

Miles Forman


Hello Miles,

Did you installed the latest version of the eLicenser Control Center ? Can be downloaded from Perhaps you apply after installation and start the eLCC the maintenance option.



Hey Miles, first of all there’s no known crack of Cubase 6. Your friend might be running some other version.

This is a problem regarding the expiration of the trial license of Halion Sonic Full which comes with the original Cubase 6. The other instruments and effects that come with Cubase 6 work normally, but if we have a project with the trial version of Halion Sonic we get this error after the trial period ends.

I bet there’s an answer for this problem somewhere. Did you manage to fix this?

Thing is… even after you delete the expired Halion Sonic files, their reference remains in Cubase’s Content cache (I think the file is ContentManager.xml… try renaming it… for safety, so you can always go back) then let Cubase rebuild the Content cache on next launch).
The alert message is annoying, yes, but it isn’t actually doing any harm :wink:.

Same issues here, I am trying unistaller all files from Halion Sonic Trial but this two presets 01 and 02 doesn’t find here to deleting :frowning:
So All the time when I starts cubase I got this message:

Anybody help me ??