No valid license for Padshop and retrologue

I just installed Cubase AI and it said during the install process “no valid license for padshop” then “no valid license for retrologue”. After the install when I opened Cubase it says these plugins are blacklisted. I used to have a trial version which had expired but now have a full version (if that means anything). I uninstalled the trial version before installing this one however the Elicenser still shows the expired trial version in it. Padshop and retrologue are installed on this computer so I opened the VST manager and started to re-activate them but get a warning dialogue saying “you are about to activate this plugin at your own risk, this may impact the stability of the application and is not recommended”. Does anyone know what is going on ? Should I go ahead and re-activate ? I am not an experienced user.


Make sure you have the latest Cubase update installed, please.

The latest update was installed when I installed the full version (yesterday)


Did you have Padshop Pro Trial installed? Isn’t it expired Padshop Pro Trial license?

I had elements trial which expired

And now? Do you have Pro retail version or Pro Trial, or…?

Is padshop and retrologue part of the Cubase Ai 10.5.12 update?

No valid license are foud after I did the update


No, Retrologue 2 and Padshop 2 are not part of Cubase AI 10.5 license. See the Cubase compare editions chart, please.