No valid license for Padshop Trial

Hello, everyone!

There are some problems with Padshop trial version (Retrologue trial also). I’ve installed trial version of Padshop from this page: Padshop: Granular & Spectral Synthesizer | Steinberg . But I’ve not receive any license key for my e-Licenser and then I start this plug-in in Cubase Elements it shows

"No valid license detected for Padshop.

Please connect your eLicenser and click ‘Retry’
Click ‘Cancel’ to stop loading plug-in.

Make sure to have an up-to-date version of eLicenser Control Center"

How can I connect eLicenser if I use software version of it? How can this problem be solved?

Excuse me for my bad English and thank you for any help!

Hi all,

same problem here with padshop trial. Retrologue 2 trial works fine in cubase elements trial.