"No Valid License Found" - access codes' been entered; everything downloaded - why doesn't it work?

Hi, I just purchased Cubase 13 Pro - I entered the access code and downloaded everything but I keep getting the error message “No Valid Licenses Found.”

So basically, I’m stuck. I just moved from 14 years with Logic Pro to Cubase in order to use the MODX7+ (which is said to be MUCH easier in Cubase). Have I made a mistake???

What do you see in Steinberg Activation Manager? If you post a screenshot, blank out your e-mail address.

Hi @donsalmon7, did you use your Gmail address when you logged into your account to enter the DAC? I can’t the see the license in your account.

Hi folks - thanks for responding. Two major things:

(1) I figured out what was wrong. I can use Cubase but a lot of the instruments which I thought were free turn out to require purchase. In Logic Pro, EVERYTHING that comes with it is free, so I assumed it was the same in Cubase.

(2) Much bigger thing - last night, I finally figured out how to use the MODX7+ in Logic, which means, given my 14 years with Logic Pro, I’m leaving Cubase to go back to Logic.

I had gotten Cubase AI for free - it comes with the MODX7. But I want to return Cubase Pro - I know most companies don’t allow return of software, but I’m hoping it’s possible in this situation.

Thanks for responding!

Ha ha - of course, I don’t mean “physically” return - I mean delete Cubase from my hard drive and get my money back. Wish me luck!!