"No valid License found" after updating to 12.0.40

I just installed the 12.0.40 update via a download (did not use the Download assistant) and now Cubase 12 won’t start and displays a “No valid License found. Program will quit now.” message.

I’ve never had problems with pre-12 updates and this has occurred at a really BAD time :-((

I rebooted and ran the Steinberg Activation Manager before launching Cubase 12 and the issue persists. I tried deactivating and reactivating and that has not fixed things.

Any other suggestions on how to get Cubase 12 to load??

I went to the Sign in and it shows the app to be owned by me and used on one (this) computer (plus a HEX code).

Thanks to anyone who can help me get back to work on what I need to do.


Please use the Steinberg Download Assistant to update your Steinberg software. When you run it, it automatically updates all other required software such as the Steinberg Activation Manager.

Cubase 12.0.30 and 12.0.40 require the latest version of the Steinberg Activation Manager to be installed. You can also download it from here:

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Merci Romantique,

Thank you !

I was just about to post that I found that solution on my own when I tried loading the Download Manager. Perhaps there’s a warning I missed on the 12.0.40 update download page. But it won’t work properly unless all those other bits are updated as well. For me it updated the Download Assistant, the eLicenser Control and the Activation Manager.

All’s well now. Perhaps the Download Manager could be renamed with something more appropriate like “Steinberg Application Manager” and stress that individual update downloads be avoided whenever possible.

Thanks again for the prompt help which I would have needed if I had not stumbled on it on my own.

Russell :slight_smile:

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