No valid license found, please help me solve!

I’ve seen this topic posted before, but nothing has worked for me yet, so forgive the new post please.

I have Cubase Artist 8, purchased in 2016. I had this installed on my computer for a while and removed it for space issues. I recently did a reinstall from the download of 8.5 Artist, but I cannot run the program as I get the “no valid license found” error.

I have the most recent elicenser control center downloaded and all works OK after doing a maintenance check. I have run both the elicenser and Cubase as administrator and that also does not work. I even un-installed the 8.5 , and then re-installed the Cubase 8 direct from the installation discs that came with it when I bought this, and that also does not work.

I can see my license clearly on my e-license dongle. It also shows up in Steinbergs website under my license.

When I try to start Cubase, I get an error message stating that No valid license found.

I even tried to enter the activation code again, and I get another error stating that activation was already used. I know that using a dongle I don’t need to do that, but had no choice but try.

I’m running Windows 10.



8.5 was a paid upgrade (as art all the .5 releases.) So it sounds like you are trying to launch the wrong version of Cubase.

Thanks for the reply. I tried to re-install 8, which I have the installation discs for and encountered the same problem.