No Valid License Found

I recently installed the latest Dorico update. After restarting my computer, when I try to open the program I get a message that says:

No valid license found

No license was found. Click Enter Activation Code to launch eLicenser Control Center and enter your Activation Code.

Redundancy aside, when I enter my Activation Code it tells me the code is old and I need a new one. When I go to MySteinberg to reactivate and get a new code, it tells me to enter my new eLicenser number, which I don’t have. I feel like it’s telling me I need the new code for Dorico to get the new eLicenser code, but Dorico is telling me I need a new eLicenser code to get the new Dorico Activation Code.

And of course since it’s Sunday, no live help is available directly through Steinberg. Please help!


In case it matters, I should add that I was able to use the update fine before restarting, but I had the reported issue where note values weren’t showing up in tempo markings, so I restarted my computer. Then this started happening.

The first thing you should do is open the eLicenser Control Center and let it perform maintenance tasks. Do that, then try running Dorico again.

If you’re on Windows, also a good idea to run eLicenser Control Center as administrator, and let it perform its maintenance tasks.

I had let eLicenser perform the maintenance tasks without any change, but not as an administrator.

I just tried it again as an administrator with no difference.

Wait a sec. It’s just occurred to me that you were using Dorico 1.2 until very recently. Are you definitely opening Dorico 2 now, and were you definitely opening Dorico 2 immediately before you restarted your computer? Dorico 2 doesn’t replace Dorico 1, it installs as a totally separate program…

I uninstalled 1.2 before installing 2. I wanted to make sure I didn’t have old unnecessary files taking up space on my hard drive.

Y’know what…maybe I didn’t. It might have been after installing 2 when I saw it was installed as a separate program. Either way, yes, I was opening 2 because it’s the only version I still had installed.

I’m afraid it’s so long since I switched to v2 that I can’t remember what had to be done on the eLicenser side. The fact that you were switching to v2 might be relevant, though.

Yeah, it’s just odd that 2 worked until the 2.2.10 update.

OK. Now I’m confused. Did you update to 2.2.10 from Dorico 1, or did you already have Dorico 2 installed? If you already had Dorico 2 installed, the last six posts are entirely irrelevant…

I updated to 2 about a month ago and it was fine. Then I did the latest update a few days ago. I was able to work on existing files fine, but when I started a new one today, I was getting no note values showing up in tempo marks. I found a posting in the forum that restarting solved that for most people. I did that and since then I’ve been having this issue.

All you had to do to solve the tempo problem was restart your computer, right? Did your computer happen to install a Windows Update when it shut down and restarted? If so, that could explain the problem: right-clicking the eLicenser Control.exe in Windows Explorer and choosing Run as Administrator should allow the eLicenser to be sorted out. When you run eLicenser Control Center, what licenses are showing up in there?

Okay, I decided to try a clean uninstall/reinstall of everything Steinberg and that worked. This is the first product I’ve had that used an eLicenser, as opposed to registering the installation like Finale does, so I admit there’s a bit of ignorance on my part due to the lack of experience with this kind of system. Hopefully I’ll get used to it, but I must admit at this point I’m not a fan.

I don’t think there are many people out there who would call themselves fans of the eLicenser. The best we could hope for is acknowledging that it’s a necessary evil. However, we are working on a replacement for the eLicenser system, though that is a long-term project and will take a while longer to come to fruition.

This has started happening to me too, only since 2.2.10. I’m fine with the eLicenser and have never had problems until the last few days. Sometimes Dorico starts as Dorico Elements. Sometimes it’s fine. Other times it loads and then I start seeing errors later. Just now it said I can’t even start Dorico Elements because I have no license.

Sometimes restarting fixes it, sometimes it doesn’t. I updated to the latest eLicenser software as well, but that hasn’t helped.


Mac 10.13.6

Are you using the USB-eLicenser? I guess you probably are. Can you try running the default maintenance tasks in eLicenser Control Center? If your USB-eLicenser is not connected directly to your computer, instead being connected by a hub or via your keyboard etc., perhaps try plugging it in directly to one of the USB ports on the computer itself.

Yes, USB. Direct isn’t an option because it’s a Macbook Pro (USB-C only). I’ll try a different hub, though.

I did run the maintenance tasks when I updated the eLicenser software a couple of days ago but will do so again.


I got this error earlier today with another software using the elicenser. I don’t believe it’s a coincidence that I had just upgraded windows 10 to v. 1809 and I suspect this may apply to others with the error. For me, running as admin did solve the issue which applied only to the soft licenser (which I don’t actually use at all but was automatically installed by Cubase Elements. 8)


With a different hub, so far so good. I’ll report back if I run into any other problems.

I do want to reiterate that this had never happened at all with hub #1 until upgrading to 2.2.10.