No valid license found???

I have a problem I hope someone can help me with.
A few days ago I bought a YamahaMG166c-usb mixing desk. With it came Cubase LE AI Elements 6 64bit.
I installed the Cubase, Downloaded the SeL which sits in my eLicenser Control Center under ‘My Licensers’ (all available licenses) and across in the licenses box I have the following, from the top reading down;
Cubase LE 5 (red text)
steinburg, local, Sel, Demo, Remaining Starts; 2997, Expired, Expiration Date; 2013-03-11
MP3 Encoder (red text)
Steinburg, Local, Sel, Demo, Expired, Expiration Date; 2013-03-11, Remaining Starts; 20.
(the following both have a ‘key’ icon)
Cubase LE5 Steinburg, SeL (black text)
Cubase AI 4 Steinburg, Sel (black text)
I have entered the activation code which I downloaded, But when I try to open Cubase from either the desktop icon or the ‘All Programs’ list’ in the start menu, I keep getting a pop-up tile which reads;
'No valid License found. This program will quit now.
Can someone please explain why this happens and what can I do to overcome this problem.

Cubase Elements 6, Cubase AI 6, and Cubase LE 6, are three different programs, and you don’t have a license for any of them (according to your description). I don’t know why that is.
EXACTLY which one are you trying to open? EXACTLY which one did you install? Which license was supposed to be included with the mixer? When you activated, what did eLCC say the license was for?
Where did those other licenses come from? Do you still have Cubase LE 5 and/or Cubase AI 4 installed? Do they work?

Thank you for replying.
I installed and am trying to open Cubase LE Elements ‘6’ 64 bit. as that is what came with the mixer.
As for which license supposed to be included with the mixer. I don’t know. There is no mention of any license at all in the documentation that came with the mixer.
The Cubase LE 5 came as a freebie with another hardware item I bought some time back, but on that occasion Cubase also refused to work so I gave up on it, uninstalled Cubase and left it at that. That is where the other licenses came from
So the only Cubase items installed on my puter all came with the Cubase AI 6 disc that came with the mixer.
In the Steinberg Elements Ai ‘6’ 64bit folder on my puter ‘start’ programmes list it shows the following;

Asio DirectX Full Duplex Setup
Asio Generic Lower Latency Driver setup
Cubase LE AI elements ‘6’ 64bit
Cubase Application Folder

Apart from the Licenser folder, that is all the Cubase stuff I have on my computer at this time.

Try this …

Install the latest eLCC software

Then, enter your Cubase LE 6 activation code.

If you think you really already entered your code, it didn’t work.

Thank you guys for your help.
Seems I didn’t activate the proper license (Do’h !!) but now I have and Cubase LE AI ‘6’ is runnin like a train.
As Im a Noob with this Cubase DAW, I will probably be back here from time to time squealing for help so be gentle with me lol.
BTW Pleased to meet you all.
Thanks again.

Good to hear you got it going! :sunglasses: