No Valid License. The Program will quit now.

Hoping someone can help me with this.

I purchased a download version of Cubase Artist 10. I followed all the steps for eLicenser procedure for a Soft eLicenser. In the eLicenser Control Center I am shown my serial number for the Soft eLicenser on the left window under eLicensers but the window on the right side labeled Licenses is empty. When Entering the Activation Code I received, I am returned a message that reads:

“Currently, there is no eLicenser to your computer which you can download your license to. Please connect an appropriate USB-eLicenser to your computer”

I do not have a USB-eLicenser since I purchased a download version of the software.

Also, when I went to Register eLicenser with Serial Number I am returned a message that reads:

“Your eLicenser with the number ********** ********** was successfully registered.
Currently, there is no valid Steinberg product license found on this eLicenser.”

When trying to run Cubase Artist 10 for first time I am returned the message:

“No Valid License. The Program will quit now.”

I am running Windows 10. Downloaed the current eLicenser software and used the Activation Code provided by Steinberg. Does anyone know what the problem here is? I feel like I am missing something simple but cannot find an answer in any searches that I’ve done.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

You can only use soft elicenser with the basic versions like Essential Unfortunately the requirement does not state that you will need hardware one for Artist. But under “Important” there is a note…

Thank you for your reply! If I purchased a download version of the software, where would I get the USB eLicenser?

I guess it is depending on where you are. You can buy them from music shops like Thomann or directly from Steinberg.

Great! I will look into purchasing a USB eLicenser. Really appreciate your help! I’ve been spinning in circles over this the past two days.