No valid license?

i’ve been a steinberg wavelab client since 2009.
i last used it just a few weeks ago.

today it decided to give me this error:
“No valid license has been found on this computer
WaveLab Elements 8 cannot be started.”

i haven’t been changing things on my computer.
i have no dongle. i have Windows 10 Pro.

i would appreciate your help as i was expecting to use it right now.

Try to update and run License Control Center and see what it shows for your license.

i managed to restore the license.
i don’t understand why it was necessary.

The same problem encounter yesterday end up to now can not fix. Error message is: “No valid license found on this computer. WaveLab Elements cannot be started”. I reactivated eLicenser, entered all codes of installed programs, but the message appears again, new number of eLicenser appears to be not valid too. The error message is: “There is no eLicenser with this number”. In the same time Sequel3 is running well

For eLicenser issues, best is to contact Steinberg support directly.


Unfortunately nobody answer. Neither Steinberg nor Microsoft. Why the WaveLab can not see now the license, which is present in eLicenser couple of years - nobody knows :frowning:

if applicable:

or search the help center from that page.