No Valid License

I often get a no valid license message but I have a valid license. Usually clicking “exit” and trying again but today that seems to be totally useless. THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE! What do I need to do to get this fixed? Can we please get a user friendly license scheme that is robust and doesn’t keep failing and wasting our time?

My win10 machine just completed its fall creators update. Actually I wanted to postpone it, but one accidental click made it happen. :blush:

I had to update/reinstall the license control center. Updating the elicenser software ( and starting maintainance on a regular basis is always a good idea. Somebody wrote at the cubase forum, he had to start the license control center once with admin privileges after the fall creators update.

For me, the eLicenser solution is sufficiently robust and works well. But there had been situations, where I forgot to take the hardware dongle with me and I wished there would be a better solution…

After major windows updates running eLicenser control center as administrator and letting it perform maintenance tasks should fix things up. It appears the Fall Creators Update will require this procedure (just once) after the update before using licensed software. So far this has done the trick on both my personal laptop and workstation. It doesn’t appear you will need to reinstall the control center if it is already up to date before the OS update.

If the soft eLicenser Is still non-functioning after running as administrator, you can reactivate your license by following the procedure here: