No valid Liscense found. The program will quit now. HELP

Hi, I’m able to open my Cubase8 anymore becuse of this ‘No valid Liscense found. The program will quit now’ message. My cubase program came with my mic and AI purchase. Isn’t it supposed to still be free to use or is cubase a subscription type service? HELP

Did you get an activation code on a card with your purchase?
Have you already entered this?

yes and I activated it almost 2 years ago now… and it’s randomly asking for a liscense now?

Right, well it wasn’t very clear you have been running Cubase for 2 years when you are asking if it’s a subscription service.

So you should probably be sure to install the latest elicenser software…then open it and see if your license is listed. Maybe worth running elcc as admin if you’re on WIndows and then run maintenance.

If that doesn’t help then give more details. What shows in elicenser control, what o/s are you on, have you changed anything on your system recently?