No Video on Blackmagic Out

Been doing some work to video for a while now, never got round to hooking up the old blackmagic card and outputting video to a separate HD display.

Selecting Blackmagic out gives me no video.

Video works fine in video window within cubase, but I just get ‘no signal’ from the TV.

Cables definitely all connected right!

Blackmagic support isn’t open yet. Anyone any ideas?

Video is 30 fps Xvid AVI btw. No control over that sadly - HAVE to use these video files as they are referenced elsewhere and automatically are updated as the video is edited and changed. Had to install 3ivX codec to get it to playing in Cubase - is this the cause of my problems?

I can’t help, but if you get a solution, can you post it? I have a client who has one on his video machine and he’s moving into using Cubase as well at some point, and I’m sure he’ll want to do the same…

Contacted blackmagic support.

Blackmagic do not Cubase as a 3rd party app :astonished:

But the guy was still helpful - mostly likely is the Xvid coded. Blackmagic Intensity is VERY fussy about what it outputs. I think it probably isn’t the best solution for us to work to video, as we just have to work with what other departments work with and need to be as unfussy as possible, which was why Vegas was DAW of choice in the past - can open any old video.

Xvid is a horrible codec to work with btw. Wouldn’t recommend it on anyone :frowning: