No video panel and sync dropouts problems!!!

I have an iMac Pro and an AXR4T running the latest version of Cubase Pro 10 and VST Connect 4. I’ve been having trouble getting VST Connect to stay synced :red_circle: Since 2019. Of lately my video window doesn’t appear. All I get is the blue background. Everything is alright on the performer side but my side is where the problem lies. I just got a new router and connect my computer by LAN. If anyone have this issue or can point me in the right direction it will be appreciated. I haven’t had a good experience with VC4 since the day I got it about 5years ago.

First make sure to have the latest versions on both ends:

Thanks for the help. I didn’t give the computer permission to use the camera so now that issue is fixed. Now I have to figure out this syncing issue whenever I press record it always dropout

Do you use Prerpoll or any other count in ?

iF yes, try without it …



No I don’t use preroll or count in while trying VST Connect. When I get a chance I’m going to try the sync troubleshoot in the link that musicullum sent me and see if the remote latency setting works

I actually recorded 10 seconds of audio for the first time since I got it. In my original post I said I got it 5 years ago cause I guess it felt that way. Checked My Steinberg account and I activated it in 2018. Can’t wait for the day I get to use the product