No video playback

I may be just being stupid but I cant get video playback in N5. I have Quicktime 7.6 and N4 plays back video fine, but just a blank screen in the on screen viewer in N5.

Cheers, Martin

Have you updated to the newest Nuendo and Video engine versions?

yes, I have the latest N5 video engine.

what’s the file format?

Have you tried different codecs? If you need a good converter tool, you can use mpeg streamclip by squared 5. It’s free. M

Thanks for the input guys, much appreciated.

It doesn’t playback any video whatsoever! It creates thumbs, but the video player doesn’t show video. As I said earlier it all works fine in N4 and I have Quicktime 7.6. I think I will have to try a re-install of N5 and see what happens.

Regards, Martin

Mmh, strange. Good luck, and let us know if a reinstall helped. Regards, Matthias

Well, I’ve re-installed N5 with updates. Trashed the preferences. re-installed Quicktime and still no video.
I tried it on my laptop N5 and it works fine. I loaded my laptop N5 preferences onto the studio machine, but no luck. N4 still works fine. I’m at a bit of a loss…

Windows or OSX?

Do you have two screens?
If so, try and drag the video player over to the other screen. Also make sure that the edges of the video window does not touch the threshold between the screens.

Also right click the video window and choose “actual size”

Any luck?


Thanks, tried that… no luck.

Windows 7 ?
Which graphics card?

Windows XP, sp3, 2core, 2gig. 2 MR816CSX’s. Smart AV Tango controller is the main system here.

Regards, Martin

The reason I’m asking. In Windows XP very few graphics cards support OpenGL on both screens.
Some even do not support OpenGL at all when two screens are used.
The video engine in N5 needs OpenGL.

If you have two screens, can you please test with just one connected (need to reboot)?


Hi, I have tried one monitor but no difference. I use one monitor out into a DuelHead2Go box anyway. As I said earlier video works fine in N4 on the same system. It’s a mystery! I’m in the middle of projects so I can’t really do a start from scratch jobby, I’ll just have to wait for some down time, fortunately that particular video job is now not until next year!!

AHA !!!

Very important. DualHead2go, wasn’t mentioned earlier.
Have you tested without it?

I’m not sure, depends on model/firmware on Dualhead2go, but I’m pretty sure it isn’t following the OpenGL specs needed for Video in N5.


Thanks for trying to help me Pal. (sorry I don’t know how to get that thing above the “a” in your name).
I tried running running a monitor without DualHead2Go again, but it still gives no video display
The video adapter in the PC say’s it is a Radeon X300/X550 series. Does this give any clues?

Thanks, Martin


Please download this OpenGL tester:

Then check that OpenGL tests at least upto OpenGL 2.0 works.


Thanks Pal, you have solved the problem!

I downloaded the open GL tester and we failed. I updated the Radeon drivers and we got up to GL2.1 and passed the rendering test. Put the monitors back on to DuelHead2Go and it passed the test but we got no visuals…? Tried video in N5 and it works fine! I am a bit confused about not seeing the visual test on DualHead2Go, is this something to do with graphics?

Cheers and thanks, Martin

Don’t mind the visuals for the test.
You got video in N5 finally!


Thanks again Pal, happy bunny here!