no video player in Cubase 5.5.3

Hello everybody,

When choosing the option about video player from device setup in Cubase 5.5.3 64 bits there is no video player (DirectShow Video, QuickTime Video and Video for Windows) !!! What happened with them? Well, it was before updating to 5.5.

How can I fix this problem, please?

Please help what to do for this.

Me too. I’ve not had to use video for ages, but on 5.5.0 and now on 5.5.3 there are no options on device setup also (more importantly) if you press F8 for video player the system hangs. Every time. Same thing with a new blank project and no video file imported, so I don’t think it’s to do with the video format, though I’m trying to import a QuickTime file, which playes perfectly happily outside of cubase.

I’m running windows XP / Core2 @3Ghz / 4G RAM

Slightly alarming that no one from Steinberg has answered the initial post from 2 months ago.

Please help! (and thanks in advance)

yep. same problem here unfortunately.

I have the same problem…
Any solutions?