No Video Sound

Well, this is not a ‘new topic’ because I see the following issue has come up again and again in the forums of the past years. But it seems like the issue continues: No Video Sound.

I am running the latest and greatest Dorico 4.2 and working on a video project which was functioning just fine until today. Now there is no video sound. (instrument sound is fine) I have followed all the advice relating to this topic (clearing caches, checking sample rates, unloading the video, renaming the video, checking the video format etc) but I haven’t found the answer.

Significant points:

I am on a Mac (Big Sur)

If I load the same video into a new Dorico project, the video audio playback is fine. (In other words the information disabling video audio playback is stored specifically in the faulty project.)

The same video and audio works just fine in Cubase 12.

I’m sure a lot of people are currently evaluating Dorico with regards to professional video usage, so I’m kind of surprised that issues like this are continuing without resolution.

Well, maybe I’ve missed something. At any rate, suggestions, advice, workarounds, etc would be most welcome in order to help me finish this project. Thanks.

A bit later … I found that by switching Playback Templates (from Note Performer to HSSE and then back again) the issue was resolved. Strange behaviour!

I’m wondering if this is just a temporary solution, but anyway I hope this helps someone else with the same issue.

When you attach a video, Dorico extracts the soundtrack to an audio file using the current sample rate (as chosen in Edit > Device Setup). If the sample rate changes, then the audio file can’t be played back. You probably didn’t change the sample rate yourself, but other applications on your computer can sometimes change the audio configuration. Check the other applications you run on your computer that they aren’t configured to use a different sample rate/buffer size combination.

Thanks for taking the trouble to reply Daniel. Yes, other applications do change the sample rate, but Dorico seems to be the only of my programs which is actually altered by sample rate changes to the extent that a session is rendered unusable. I don’t experience the same with, for example, Cubase 12, which might however issue a warning 'The sample rate has changed, do you want to keep the same sample rate?" etc

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