No video with logitech c920 in vst connect pro


VST connect (pro/se/performer) can’t seem to stream video from my webcam. This is a fresh, clean win10-64bit install using latest version of VST connect pro/performer.

The camera is a logitech c920 - works fine in the Windows 10 camera app and you can select it in the VST connect settings video device settings but no video ? I tried it on my laptop too, also windows 10 64bit - same problem. In this case the inbuilt webcam works fine but selecting the c920 stops the video.

Strictly speaking Logitech don’t have drivers on their website for this camera but windows 10 has them built in (version - dated 24/10/2018) - the camera will also run under the old USB Video Device driver but neither work with VST connect

Anybody got any clues on to how to debug this ?

tried a few more things but still no luck with the c920

A logitech c270 worked straight away. So I tried another c920 - didn’t work - eliminates the problem being a specific c920 fault
Installed the logitech capture/config software in case this installed some other driver. The capture software worked fine but connect VST still couldn’t see the video.

So that’s two different and clean windows 64 installations - 2 different c920 cameras. Neither worked. Tried VST connect version 3 - still nothing with the c920

Wonder what’s different about the c920 ? H264 ?

From memory I think the c920 took way less CPU, certainly under windows 7, as the h264 encoding is on the webcam and not on the CPU. It would be good to get this working

I’ll try to get hold of one and check why it fails.

thanks C - appreciated

quick update - I pulled down an old version of a logitech web camera utility - this had a 64 bit driver from 2012 in it. Installed that and it seems to work.

I’d suggest there is still a problem with the way VST connect works with the c920 though - especially as logitech don’t currently make drivers available and the official one bundled with windows 10 64bit doesn’t work.

Seem to remember some issues previously with this camera that were fixed ?

Thanks for the update.
There are myrads of formats for video devices on Windows, long story. Anyway, I got it to work after it initially failed on me as well, so it should work in the next update.

that’s great - thanks again

quick bump - any news on when the next update will be released ? will it be part of the next cubase update ?

… we have one final bug to fix, then we’ll release the version. Please stay tuned.
Thanx, Michael.

thanks for the update Michael

bumping this - any clue to the release date ?

Unfortunately, the update is held back much longer than we would prefer. There is one mor product in the queue before the new version is finally running thru QA and released, really sorry for that.

no problems - thanks anyway

can I ask if there are any new features in the updated release ?

There is a screen feature (send Studio desktop screen) with the PRO version, and a network monitor. Most improvements are internal, transmission quality, file transmission speed and HD files transfer and insertion much improved etc.

looking forward to it :slight_smile:

monthly bump to get and ETA

just heard first week in September, hope that is true.

fingers crossed

Hello. I am experiencing the exact same problem with the same videocam after purchasing a new Windows 10 PC. The C920 worked fine with my Windows 7 PC but this fresh install on a new Windows 10 unit is not working.

Michael, Adam at US tech support is helping me. Perhaps you can fill him in? I know you have mentioned here that the next update should fix it, and that the update has been delayed. I assume you mean an update to VST Connect itself, not Cubase.

Dr, do you have the link to that old version of a logitech web camera utility from 2012 ? If so, can you please share it?

PM sent