No video with logitech c920 in vst connect pro

Unfortunately, the update is held back much longer than we would prefer. There is one mor product in the queue before the new version is finally running thru QA and released, really sorry for that.

no problems - thanks anyway

can I ask if there are any new features in the updated release ?

There is a screen feature (send Studio desktop screen) with the PRO version, and a network monitor. Most improvements are internal, transmission quality, file transmission speed and HD files transfer and insertion much improved etc.

looking forward to it :slight_smile:

monthly bump to get and ETA

just heard first week in September, hope that is true.

fingers crossed

Hello. I am experiencing the exact same problem with the same videocam after purchasing a new Windows 10 PC. The C920 worked fine with my Windows 7 PC but this fresh install on a new Windows 10 unit is not working.

Michael, Adam at US tech support is helping me. Perhaps you can fill him in? I know you have mentioned here that the next update should fix it, and that the update has been delayed. I assume you mean an update to VST Connect itself, not Cubase.

Dr, do you have the link to that old version of a logitech web camera utility from 2012 ? If so, can you please share it?

PM sent

Hi. I just installed Cubase Pro 10.5 and it did not correct this issue. But then I looked at the downloads section and I saw that there is a pre-release download. VST Connect Pro 4.0.30 · Pre-release. I installed it, and now my Logitech C920 is working!

thanks for the pointer

Yes that’s one of the fixes - there are some release notes in there that list it as a fix

I believe the devs are working on further improvements too :slight_smile:

we definately are, and hope to release soon.

Bringing up this old thread. I have this exact problem. I had no idea it would be very picky about the webcam. Any help would be appreciated before I go buy another webcam.
I am using the latest version of VST Connect Pro. 4.0.42

As you can see in this thread the issue was fixed in 4.0.30. How have you ruled out camera drivers, etc?

working fine here

I have 4 of these cams, all fine.

Wow, everyone has it working. I will try it on a different computer. I can select it as the source but no image appears. My laptop camera works fine but the C920 doesn’t for me. What driver is everyone using? I tried letting Windows pick it and I also tried installing a driver from Logitech. Neither made any difference. I do use the C920 for web conferences, so I do know it works. Just not in VST Connect Pro.

The plot thickens…
I tried it on my laptop. It worked fine. Just doesn’t want to work on my studio computer. very odd.

My studio computer is dual boot. I just booted to the NON-recording side and the camera works fine in VST Connect Performer. Something is odd with my setup on the recording portion.

I’ve no help with the webcam problem but for a temp fix use your phone as a webcam. Works great and saves a bundle of cash to spend on plugins.

There are a bunch of similar apps but I tried Iriun webcam and it works straight out of the box. Image quality is great and pretty much depends on the quality of your phone’s camera. I just used an old phone I had lying about and I’m as happy as someone who didn’t have to buy a webcam could be. (I’m using an android phone but I’m sure there will be iPhone versions somewhere).

Install on your phone and download an app to install on windows.

Thank you all! I found the problem. It was in Settings/Privacy/Camera Allow apps to access camera was turned off. Doh!
Wow, I’m an idiot for not thinking of that first.
Problem solved.