No visual information when turning off a Strip module using mackie control


When I turn a Channel Strip module off using a Mackie Control, there is no visual information that this particular module (gate, compressor, saturation, etc) is turned off.
IMO, it should do the same thing as when we click on “Bypass Module” which turns the Module name and color into Grey, indicating that this module is off.
The way it is now, you can only know if the module is on or off using mackie controller is listening to the audio.
Can anyone confirm this ?



Is it new in Cubase 10, or can you reproduce it in Cubase 9.5 already?

It’s also in cubase 9.5. I didn’t test in older versions.
I have 9.0 on other machine and I’ll test.
Thanks for the reply

Tested on 9.0 too and it’s the same behavior. It’s impossible to know if the module is on or off if it was disabled using Mackie Controller.