No Visual That EQ is Active on Channel?

See attached. I have an EQ preset loaded up, shouldn’t the end be blue like Inserts and Sends?


no it should be green , and your right your’s is missing but the bad news for you is it’s working this end :wink:

just an idea have you tried activating the EQ via the mixer strip , that tiny pita grey button and see if it comes on then ?

Hey what do you know, tiny pita grey button worked! I probably never would’ve figured that out :slight_smile:

Glad all my CB7 problems have been small :wink:

glad it worked for you but it’s just more proof that the crappy mixing console is completely out of sync with the project page , this happens with the monitor buttons as well it’s a PAIN IN THE effing ARSE !!!

it gets worse , it seems like you have to activate everything in the mixer before you can use the project page

Yes i completely understand and it seems like it could be true what one user said about steinberg’s making the mixer the centre part of the program (but having to use the mixer to activate the project page ??? they can’t be serious) i think c7 is where i jump off ,
I stayed on sx3 and xp until the later version of c5 came out because everything for me was so solid and stable but with c7 getting geared up for win8 and c8 being for win8 ,im not interested at all in touch or win8 so i want to stick with a work flow i know so it looks like i’ll put c7 down to a bad experience atm .

turning on the mixer to use the eq’s and sends ,monitor buttons ,whats that all about ? :imp:


That´s not “normal” you can do all that without the mixer and from the project page.

this is the whole point , it’s not normal but it’s happening ,it’s happened to me from day one with c7 /.1/.2 but i thought it was just me but it’s not :wink:

Well, it´s C7 - rushed, unfinished release IMHO.

i sure hope your right because the behaviour is starting to rear it’s ugly head

Cubase 7 = Steinberg Vista.

If the project page will suffer a full overhaul in the frightening manner the mixer has been mangled one just can stay with 6.5, jump ship or be patient and see what Cubase 8 will bring. Maybe Cubase 8 = Windows 7, maybe they will turn it into a full touch application.

I’ll return to my 25 years old Fostex 4-track compact cassette ‘machine’ then to make some experimental advantgarde noise :mrgreen: