No vocal with Zoom R16 & Cubase Elements 8

Hi all,
I’ve been reading previous posts, and someone had the same issue as me.
I’ve been recording Guitar, bass, 2x keyboard and 2 x drum tracks. All recorded brilliantly. Then went to record vocals through the microphone plugged into the Zoom (Also used built in mics on channels 7&8).
But alas, nothing. Instruments worked, but despite the Zoom recognising the signal, nothing shows on Cubase Elements 8. I’ve tried 3 different Sure microphones.
A Steinberg US techie replied to a previous poster, and I tried that (clicking the monitor), but didn’t work.
I’m sort of lost
I could understand if nothing worked, but that isn’t the case.

Hi and welcome,

Are you sure, you change the settings in the Devices > VST Connections > Inputs? Make sure correct bus is selected here, please.