No Volume control?

I recently upgraded my Wavelab Elements from 9.x to 10.02 … I cannot for the life of me figure out how to adjust the volume of the playing file. The Master Level changes nothing. The windows 10 audio volume changes nothing. At present, the only way to change level is by controlling output of my interface, … the UR22. Master Level worked as expected in every version I’ve had before this… even on the same computer. I’ve sent two emails of help needed to Steinberg, … without even an answer. Can anyone offer a suggestion? Thanks


Try this

you can set level/volume in Montage on Track or inside Clip

regards S-EH

Hello , one relevant difference between the two versions is that in Elements10 MME drivers have been dropped causing (at least on my win10 laptop) some issues with the internal audio card. 9.5.5 is much more flexible on this side (for me).

Hmmm … I don’t actually use WL to change playback levels but I just tried this … and the master section fader worked fine?

I’m on Windows 10

Maybe you have bypassed the Master Section? (top left button of the Master Section)