No volume handle on one track

I’m using Cubase Essential 5 with a DAW. I’ve recorded 8 tracks and I can click the little blue box
in the middle of each track to adjust the volume up or down- all except for one track. This track
is comprised of glued sections where the other tracks aren’t. The volume box won’t appear on
this track in the glued state or when I clip to isolate the section I want to adjust. I’ve tried all of
the volume adjust methods in the manual with no success. All tracks play just fine I just can’t
adjust the glued track.

Can someone please suggest a remedy or give me a hint on what might be happening? Thanks for
your help.

The handles are event envelopes - glueing audio events makes them audio parts. To edit audio parts, you need to open the audio part editor.

Bounce the part to get an event.

Hey, thanks thinkingcap and guitman. You gave me the clue to go to the ‘Audio’ selection
where I selected ‘Dissolve part’. Once I did that my volume handles showed up.

Thanks a lot for the help! :slight_smile: