No Volume Handles On Audio Tracks After Gluing Audio Parts Together

I recorded one track which has 3 seperate audio events recorded in it.
I recorded these events simply by switching on-off the record button manually as and when required
After gluing the 3 audio events together i have lost the volume handle at the top middle of the track which allows me to reduce the volume.
There is a similar thread on this forum which i cannot find an answer to my problem.
How can i fix this please,many thanks

When multiple audio events are glued together it creates a part as opposed to an event. Double clicking on the newly created part opens the part editor which contains the 3 events, each event in the part editor has the event volume handles that can be independently adjusted as events. If you want to have multiple events together as an event with volume and fade handles on the project window you could select the part or multiple events and either bounce selection or render in place.

That is because your audio events has now become a Part ( container for the Events)
Bounce it, so it becomes an Event again.
Greg was faster :slight_smile:

Many thanks for the solution,another one of cubase little mysteries solved,i cant imagine that you are the real greg ondo i watch so many of his videos its unreal.
His knowledge of cubase is off the planet lol.
Once again many thanks for the solution.

Thanks peakae it worked a treat, i appreciate you taking the time to answer my question

I am glad that the solution helped. I have been known to do a couple of Cubase videos. I hope they are useful to others.


Keep up the good work,thanks again