No vouchers for free products

I downloaded Cubase 13 Pro upgrade yesterday (April 26 2024) after making my payment but I have no vouchers in my side panel on Also, I click on the “Pro” button for each of the free software apps button but nothing happens. What am I doing wrong?

I also have this problem after upgrading on the 30% deal price with no vouchers appearing for the free software bundle. I have opened a ticket but no response as yet. I may phone them if no joy tomorrow morning.

So I have no response from the online ticket I opened earlier in the week so got through by phone and had confirmation that due to the software not being registered until the 30th April in my case I would not get the free software bundle vouchers! Which is highly disappointing as this was not indicated on the offer page and I did buy the upgrade in the time period advertised.
Not really sure if there is anything that can be done unfortunately.

I too bought the upgrade not realising that I had to redeem Cubase 13 before getting the free vouchers. As I’m planning to skip C13 and go to C 14, I guess there’s no freebies for me.


I did get to speak with someone and he said the easiest thing to do would be to issue me with a new Download access code and then he took me through activation again. The step that was failing was the verification step. I could already open Cubase 13 but there were no vouchers because of some problem with the licenser.

I called back and got someone else to ask where the free software was. He said because the previous person deleted the old download access code to fix the problem, I no longer had access to the free software. He said that he would have to write to Steinberg in Germany to see if I could be sent links to the 9 free applications. He also said he would call me back when he gets a reply from Germany which is 6 hours ahead of us on the East coast of the USA… I might be out of luck because of the deadline, but if that is the case, I will be a very unhappy camper. Fingers crossed.