no VST 2 plug ins??

I have just upgraded from Nuendo 4 which was working perfectly and all vst2 plugins working properly!! to Nuendo 5.51 and running it as 64 bit !! I am also running wave lab 6 with no issues !! I cannot get the VST2 plug ins to show up in 5.51?? all the VST3 plug ins seem to be there ?? i tried to route the plug ins from the 86x folder in device set up with no luck, used the nuendo plug ins update with no luck. Can anyone shine some light on this for me… Appreciate any help… Scott

ps… I am running asus p67 board, i7 2600k, 16gb (1866) ram, 120gb ssd, 2x 300gb Raptor hdd, 1gb 8530 video card.

sounds to me like you are trying to run 32 bits plugin on a 64 bit host? then u must brigde them for it to work or install the 64 bit versions

hey Glenn Yes I am running Nuendo as 64bit with 32 bit plugins. I did figure out I needed that Jbridge so bought it and installed it over the weekend, my waves and other plug ins seem to be working fine so far !! thanx for the reply…Scott