No VST Instrument window

Cubase 5; 5.5.3 build 651. Windows XP 32 Bit

When I press F11 or click VST instruments from the drop down menu all that happens is my current window minimises. I get no VST Instrument Window. If I go to the Window tab VST Instruments is listed. If I click Maximise it appears full screen I can add a VST and then the “do you want to create a midi track” window opens and I can create a track. I’m assuming the minimised VST Instrument window is off screen somewhere. I’ve tried work spaces but can’t find it. how can I get it to open normally when I press F11?

You might try changing the screen resolution. This usually forces everything back onto the display.

Screen resolution did not help (should have thought of that myself but I was both tired and just wanted to work on my project), you did however put me on the right track. My Cubase window had become extremely wide and deep on this new project for some reason and the VST instrument window was far right and bottom. I manually adjusted the cubase window size and position of the VST Instruments window and all is well.

Thanks Jaslan