No VST Instruments except Prologue on Cubase Studio 4 ???

Hi there, my names Mark, from Ireland. I’m wondering if anyone can help me please. It’d be much appreciated… I bought my copy of Cubase Studio 4 back in 2006 and never really learned to use it properly. So I recently bought a three DVD set of Cubase 4 tutorials by the Canadian company ASK Video (which are really fantastic, just a little plug there as they’ve helped me out alot…)
Anyways… it seems that out of the VST Instruments that come with Studio 4 I only have Prologue. I can’t find HALionOne, Spector, Mystic, Embracer or Monologue in the VST Instruments under Devices, nor can I load then from the Midi Outputs in the Inspector. Actually I can’t seem to find anything about them anywhere! Prologue is the only one thats there? I’ve checked on the Studio 4 software CD and I’ve found some sort of files in relation to HALionOne, but that’s it I think? Are they on the CD and am I supposed to install them myself? Or are the other pluggins just for Cubase 4 and not Studio 4? If anyone could help me it’d be really really great! As I’m stuck at the part of the tutorial DVD where they teach you how to use the Midi Drum Editor because I can’t load any drum sounds from HALionOne… Which is frustrating! :slight_smile:

Much much appreciated in advance…
Mark :slight_smile:

Those vids can’t be too good. :astonished:

You have to load a VSTi in the Instrument Rack before being able to select it on a MIDI track. The other synths should be under Synths in the dropdown. If not, a re-install is in order.

Thanks for the reply… By ‘Instrument Rack’ do you mean Devices > VST Instruments (F11) ? As I’ve tried there and they don’t come up as an option when I try to load a VST Instrument, just Prologue. Also when you say, ‘The other synths should be under Synths in the dropdown’. Which dropdown is that specifically? Please, if you don’t explaining. Lastly, if I re-install Cubase is there a chance the other VST Instruments might be there this time?! Is that something that often happens when you install Cubase the first time, some stuff doesn’t load properly???.. Thanks again :slight_smile:

Show a screenshot of F11 and the dropdown menu when you try to select a VSTi there.

Although I’m not sure what all VSTi’s come with Studio 4, a good idea would be to act like you’re gonna install, but as soon as it gives the option, choose Customize. You should see all your instruments that you can install individually. You might want to scroll through your Mediabay and your hardrive as well, trying to locate the actual instruments and content that may have installed correctly.