No VST Response from MIDI Controller

Good morning, party people.

I decided to get Cubase 10 a few days ago, and just got a Akai MPK Mini today to celebrate the money gone from my bank account. I’ve had a few issues configuring my setup to actually make any noise, however.

When there is just a MIDI track, I can use the default Piano sound and receive playback. However, whenever I try to link a VST to the track, I get no response, and the keys embedded into the VST interface don’t work either. It’s possible that I have a fundamental misunderstanding of VSTs and how they interact with MIDI, but I’m a bit new to all of this, and I haven’t been able to find a lot of great resources through Google (or searching the forums). If anyone can direct me to any literature, I’d gladly take a gander.

I don’t quite have the lingo down, so please bear with me as I terribly describe my issues. Much love.

Hi and welcome,

Try to create an Instrument track instead. It’s easier to handle it.

Good morning!

I have the instrument track loaded with no other tracks. When I open “edit instrument,” I don’t get any response from playing any of the keys or clicking the pads. No response from either the clickable interface and my Midi controller. This is between all of my different VSTs available (I have Pro version). It’s really odd.


What Instrument did you select for the Instrument track?

Could you attach some screenshots, please?