No VST Synths in MIDI drop down menu

Has anyone else had any issues like this?
I might be missing something obvious but none of my VST synths are available to choose from a MIDI
channel’s drop down (output routing) menu.
I can make an instrument channel, no problem there.
Any ideas people?

Thanks in advance,


Lite versions don’t have the Instrument Rack where a VSTi has to be loaded to be selectable on a MIDI track. MIDI tracks in your version are for triggering external kit.

You would need to put a VSTi into the instrument rack (if your version supports it) otherwise it’s instrument tracks only.

OK, thanks for the tips.
I was used to the old method of routing a seperate MIDI track to the soft synths.
Now I can just use the instrument track for MIDI and , as you mention use the seperate MIDI tracks
to trigger stuff outside the computer.
Thanks for the ultra quick replies.

All the best,


This new architecture threw me as well. I had Cubase v 1.07 prior to upgrading to LE 5 and I really liked being able to preview a MIDI part using a VST before sending it out to an outboard instrument. Now I find I need to duplicate the track data onto a MIDI and an Instrument track to accomplish this. With a limited number of a given track type, this cuts into the resources available.

Leaves me wondering why it was changed. Anyone know?