No VSTi playback on mixdown...

I know this issue came up previously - old forum I think, but I can find it and I was just wondering if there’d been any work around or solution that anyone was aware of?

I initially thought that the problem was specific to just the Cubase synths (‘Prologue’ etc) but it seems nearly ALL my VSTi’s are affected - though I think my non-Cubase synths (GPO4 for example) are only affected if used in a project while any of the Cubase ones are active. I’m not 100% sure about that though. Either way it’s an infuriating problem, and of course the irony is that Steinberg bundle a bunch of VSTi’s that are of no use if you get no sound out of them in your mixdown!

I realise I can pre-render each of the troublesome VSTi’s but I think it’s obvious why that is far from ideal!


Did you use realtime mixdown? You can route everything to a group and the group to an audio track to record, also. No need to render each track.

Unfortunately I’m one of those users who seem to get persistent CPU overload errors during realtime mixdown. :confused:
But yeah, grouping and recording to an audio track will suffice for now I guess, just a PITA when the parts in question are still ‘under development’ and will probably require ongoing changes as the project evolves.

Cheers. :sunglasses:

HM …
I have this problem with freezing Tracks …
some how when I freeze A Track I get no Sound at all … It might be related to this
however I never noticed it in mixdowns