No VSTs in drop-down list in Dorico 4.3.0

Hi all,
I just installed the Dorico Pro v4.3.0 update to my v4.2 install and now there are NO VSTs which appear in the VST drop-down list under Play (and they worked before this last update). I am running Windows 10. I’ve done all the usual investigations:

  • In Preferences/Plug-ins, all of the VSTs are present in the unblocked list
  • I’ve tried resetting the plugin cache, resetting to factory defaults, etc. - no joy
  • I’ve reinstalled the program with no help
  • The Vst2xPlugin Blacklist/Infos … files look correct
  • The vst3plugins.xml looks correct
  • All of the plugins work fine in Nuendo.

I have included the diagnostics files here.
Dorico (2.8 MB)

Thank you for your help,
Edward Kort

Try clicking on the “>” symbol. It took me a while to figure this one out.


Leigh, I’m still missing it. Here is what my interface looks like. Halion Sonic SE is filled in (and works) by default. Clicking on none of the widgets does anything useful.

Thanks, Edward

Did you click the “plus” button to add a VST?

DanKreider, yes. And then I get another VST instance that is just as unresponsive.

Thanks, Edward

What do you mean by “unresponsive”? If you press the e button, do you get a VST plug-in window, or not? If you press the cog button, do you get the Endpoint dialog, or not?

If you press the + button, what do you get?

What are you trying to do, what do you do to get it, and what happens when you do it?

When you click on the downward-pointing arrow to open the drop-down menu, what happens?

That’s the arrow I meant. Sorry.


Do you have multiple displays connected to your computer? If you have more than one display, is Dorico on your primary display, or on a secondary display? If Dorico is on a secondary display, if you move it to the primary display, does that allow the menu to open as expected?

Daniel, you nailed it. The drop down is populated when Dorico is on the primary display but not on the secondary display. I run all my main windows (Dorico, Nuendo, etc.) on the secondary display: large screen is so much nicer than laptop screen. Is there a fix?

Daniel, a bit more information. It seems to be the display scaling that is causing the issue. I have high-resolution monitors, both primary and secondary. For my old eyes to read text, I scale the primary display 175%, the secondary 125%.

If I run the secondary display at 100%, the VST drop down is populated. Changing nothing but the scaling, back to 125%, the drop down remains populated. [I haven’t been able to reproduce this: the drop down doesn’t populate on the secondary display.]

This scaling/display issue propagates into the VST windows (Kontakt, Halion, etc.) which are invoked when choosing a VST: they are too big on either display.

And BTW, I am running a NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3070 graphics card with 8 GB of dedicated RAM.

Thank you for your attention,

Thanks for letting me know your further findings. I will need to discuss this with my colleague Andrew. He’s currently taking a well-deserved week off after all his hard work on Dorico 4.3, so please be patient.

It sounds like you have a workaround for now, which is to use 125% scaling?

I have been unable to reproduce the “success” on the secondary monitor. So for now, the only way I can use Dorico is on the primary monitor.

Display scaling is a tough one. It involves monitor resolution, scale factors, and screen sizing. It took a long time before Steinberg handled it in Cubase/Nuendo.