No width adjust handle on Left Zone?

I have the usual width adjust handle on the right and bottom zones (height for bottom), but there is no width adjust on the left zone.
Anyone else getting this?

Yep. I guess it is for histrorical reasons. The left zone is the oldest zone in Cubase. I guess the entire section would need to be reprogrammed to make it smartly sizeable.

Yep , always been like this not being able to resize the inspector or at least ive never found a way too :upside_down_face:

I guess I never noticed before, but I recently tried a template from Sifter Studios using the BBC Symphonic Orchestra and all the track names are preceded by “BBCSO” so the instrument names are often at least partially obscured. SO I noticed this issue when I went to widen the inspector.
I’ll probably make another post to share, but here’s the video that leads to the free template
How to build a Filmscoring Template for Cubase