No Windows signal

I need your help with an issue I have
I have signal output visual and also I can hear my output in my Cubase, but when I’m checking windows mixer I do see any visual signal of the audio in the same output I’ve choose in Cubase and also in any other out on the mixer

Thank you

The wdm driver cant see the asio driver and visa versa. You need a 3d party app to bridge them, if that is your gold.

If I play with media player I will see the signal in the same output.

Yes. But you cant digitaly route it to a asio input and visa versa. You need a 3d party doing it for you. Or You can patch your physical wdm output to a asio input and record. Else it is just wdm and asio using same output on your interface, but not seeing each other.

Some drivers have loopback possibilities build in, so the ASIO output gets routed to wdm input.
But as said ASIO and Windows sound systems are independent.
ASIO is talking more directly to the hardware and therefore has much lower latency.
So no issue, it is simply how it works.

depending on soundcard you can route a wdm stream to a Cubase input.

True, but that is a very few % off whats out on the marked. Better to use software and get sync sorted in one go.

thank you ! for your answers
im trying to play live with cubase with xsplit but i can see any signal

i have motu 828X