No working Product key provided after buying Cubase 12 Pro


Bought Cubase 12 pro at the first day of April, wrote numerous tickets, so far I have no reply to any of those from the Steinberg support, the first one being almost a month ago! You (sales department and logistics and whatever “support” are), are feeding on the labor of a few genius minds who created this software, and not only that, but you are STEALING money from people who don’t have much themselves! Shame on you! Up to this date my code is not working, and I haven’t received any answer to my tickets!

Your screenshot showed the code you paid for. I’m sure posting it publicly isn’t a good idea, as someone could use it, since it sounds like you haven’t.

I have edited the graphic to hide the code.

As far as your problem, you don’t say what specifically went wrong in the process, maybe some more info will enable someone to help you.

This code is not working, in my Steinberg account there is not any product registered. I don’t need to provide any more info than that. What went wrong is, that I didn’t get what I paid for, and not even a short e-mail for the last 3 weeks.

hm… :thinking:

Ignorance is a bliss…

hundreds (or thousands) of people have bought and activated Cubase 12, and certainly the company is not stealing.

If you don’t want to give the forum any more details that’s your right. Good luck anyway!

I have given my order number and the invoice. There are no more details than the facts there are. And your claim that that is not stealing, does not hold to the evidence!

One thing that might be germane is whether you entered the code into the Steinberg Download Assistant.

In fact I did, but after 1 week it said “there is no valid license”.

This is the time of my first ticket. April 22

What does the Steinberg Activation Manager display?

That’s the website, not the Activation Manager. Also you are in the wrong section. Go back to this page (the landing page which loads when you first login.)

Please click the link in my previous reply:

I’m afraid I’m in the right section dear.

Then I would check to see if you have a second Steinberg Account.

Also, If you bought it via the Steinberg site, what is the name of the company in your receipt?


It is getting late now here, Have a good night!

You too!

Steinberg Activation Manager shows no licenses found. So till this very moment, nothing is being done still.

Have you double-checked to see if you have a second Steinberg account?

no other accounts, and I already wrote to that e-mail address…