Noctua and P183

Hi All,

I recently upgraded my case to an Antec P183. While I’m pleased with the case, it isn’t as quiet yet as I think it can be.

I was thinking about trying some of the Noctua fans (, but was wondering if anyone here had experience with them? Perhaps a different fan type?

I can’t think of anything other than replacing fans at this point that would lower the noise threshold further.

Thanks for any tips!

I Have an Antec Solo and use Noctua fans, They are very good, almost silent ---- though mine are now 5 years old and probably do with replacement, they are still quieter than the Antec Amber I put in a couple of years ago.
Did you go for a normal PSU or get the special antec one, like the Cp 850 ?

I actually can’t remember the power supply model… it’s an Antec, and appears quiet enough I think. The only thing making any real noise are the case fans. I think I may go ahead and give the Noctua a try - may be all I need.