Noice in paus with sunstain pedal


I have a RME hammerfall dspe AIO soundcard in my computer.
And i have upgraded from Cubase SX to Cubase 6 and from Ivory vst to Ivory vst 2.
Before i upgraded it worked fine but not now.
The problem is now when i listen to the midi in a project its a noice
in i think its in every paus with the sustain pedal.
I have upgraded to the latest Cubase 6 upgrade and the latest Ivory vst 2 upgrade.
But still there is noice. I have even tried install an older driver to the soundcard but there is still noice.
I wonder if RME releases a new driver to the soundcard in 2012
Will the noice then disappear or if it is something else what is it then

Hello Per!

What kind of noise are you hearing, can you do a mixdown and share it with us.
Have you tried running the older Ivory version in C6?


Hi Per,

I think what you call “noise” is the small “bmmp” every REAL grand piano makes when you press or release the sustain pedal.
I don’t know Ivory but other piano-libraries and this “bmmp” is sampled there to make the virtual instrument sound like the real one.
Try it by playing no notes, just pressing the sustain pedal.

Happy New Year!

When i just press the pedal in a project without playing any midi notes i doesnt sound any noice.
but always when i play a couple of notes and then make a short paus with the pedal and press
it down again and play some more midi notes then it does sound that noice in the short paus.
its a very dark noice and not so loud noice. I wonder if it is normal to sound like that with
the Ivory vst 2 why didnt it sound like that with Ivory vst