Noise and Mic Profiles / Frequency Response Curve / Live filtering

Hey I would have 3 little feature request that should be fairly easy to implement:

  1. Save Noise Profiles for Mics/Inputs

There is the possibility to register the noise but you can’t really save it and re-use it on a different project. It would be nice if you could save the “registered noise” and “import/export” it for later use

  1. Add Frequency Response Curve

A feature I am missing is to “register a frequency response” for an input device. Often the manufacturer give you a datasheet with a frequency response (or you try to measure it yourself). I would like to add / correct for a non-flat behavior and store (import/export) the settings. It would already be sufficient if you have a little EQ Panel where you can model with multiple points the FR and then it gets applied “in reverse” (parts that are “lower” gets “boosted” and the other way around → So you get a flat curve at the end

  1. Live Filter

It would be nice if all the filters and processing options get a “live” options where you get the filters applied to the signal on your (or a specific) monitoring output. I know that this will eat a lot of cpu and ressources but It would help to make adjustments quicker /live without re-hearing something over and over again.

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Well technically, you can save the noise profile within a project file, in-fact I do it all the time. The steps to do it are Duplicate the layer that you want the noise profile from then select the area and make a selection of the noise profile then mute that layer then save that selection then save the project. When you reopen the project, all you have to do is unmute/unsolo that duplicated layer then reapply that selection that you saved for your noise profile then re-register noise and apply.