Noise at Tops/Tails in Batch Processed Audio

Hello All,

I’m trying to batch process some critical files, and I discovered earlier that Add Reverb Tail was adding silence, and thusly I disengaged it. However, now with it disengaged, it’s adding very small noises onto the tops and tails of waveforms (see attached). All of my Fabfilter plugins are up to date, and RX9 is up to date. Please let me know if you have any thoughts.

Thank you!

Have you identified what plugin(s) is causing this?

I have not. I will try that now. I am in a critical and urgent rush on this. Is there any chance this is something which is resolvable if I find which plugin is causing it?

Also, FYI, I reverted all of my fabfilter plugins to their previous version and it’s still happening.

Thank you very much,

I don’t think the problem is on the WaveLab side, because the batch processor is much tested and is heavily used by tons of users and your case was never reported.
However, what you describe seems to be a latency issue (some plugin don’t report properly the latency they introduce, causing this kind of issue).
My recommendation: disable all your plugins, test. And then introduce your plugins one by one, and test each time. This is easy in the batch processor, by checking the plugins in the list.

Thank you, PG - I solved it. I will report back regarding findings because they are interesting and noteworthy, but wanted to let you know I’ve gotten it working.

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