noise from headphone lineout

hi can anyone help,its probably been posted before but,ive got a lineout from my imac and i can here interference noise from when i move the mouse ,when im recording to my korg recorder,i had it when i had my sound card plugged in to,from the fire wire and still an interference noise,i dont get it alot from reason,can you help

Not a mac user, but the initial responses that come to mind are:

  • Unbalanced audio connection (picking up interference)
  • Onboard audio isn’t meant for a “clear” sound (onboard audio is usually the worst possible sound card)
  • Wireless mouse causing interference (if mouse is wireless)

I’ve heard noise come out of speakers when I move a wired mouse before. Other than these, I can’t think of a reason (and from that, a solution).

Hi shinta215,

the first imac generation with i5 and i7 cpu had this problem. This is a hardware related issue and
you should get in contact with the Apple support.

ahh thanks guys ill try a few things there