Noise Gate process disappeared in Cubase 9.5

In the audio editor window the noise gate has disappeared from the list of processes available.
That function was very useful!
Or maybe it’s hiding somewhere else?
If anyone knows, thanks in advance

…presumably because you now have the option to use the Gate plugin directly on the file now and indeed see what’s being Gated in almost real time.

Thank you!
How do you “see what’s being Gated in almost real time”?
What was great about the previous noise gate function is that I could easily apply it on specific sections of the file. It was located next to the other useful processes like gain, silence, etc. and I could use a shortcut to open it. It’s a lot more convenient than searching for the gate plugin in the plugins lists, especially if you have to clean a lot of files (spoken voices in this case)…

With Auto Apply on the offline processes are applied almost instantly.

You can map plugins to Key Commands, and the plugin browser on the DOP window has a extremely fast search field.