Noise help please

Anybody tell me why I get these little scratches or scratchy-pops in my tracks? They are just a tiny moment of distortion and they usually represent themselves visually as a little downward icicle on the tracklane.
They happen whether I’m recording synth or e-guitar or aco. guitar through cond. mic.
Any feedback(no pun intended :confused: ) would be greatly appreciated. Thanks! :slight_smile:

Sounds like a clock sync problem. Have you checked your frequency settings between hardware / software? Also, this can happen if you’re using more than one A/D converter without synchronizing them w/ a word clock cable.

I think all this is good. The scratch ony happens once or twice in a 5 min song. Who knows?

If you’re sure it’s not a sync problem then another source of random occasional spikes can be from domestic appliances like a fridge switching on/off etc…

I’m not completely sure about the sync situation…I barely understand sync though, so it’s hard for me to troubleshoot that. As far as I know all my parameters in the UR28M and Cubase are the same. I really am clueless about it though.
I’m spending tons of time reading PDFs and manuals and no time creating music. :cry:
I like the fridge hypothesis…can I get a filter for my electrical plugs?

Try switching the fridge thermostat so the fridge switches on and off and see if that make a click, if not then it’s not the fridge :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh and if your setup is simple ie you are not connecting sound cards or other things together via digital then it’s not a synic issue as detailed above.

Yes, my set-up is simple. I record one track at a time(no midi) through one interface.
What are some tips to reduce that interference? Filters?

If you are sure it’s the fridge, then the common way to fix it is to get a qualified person to fit a “suppressor” like this at the thermostat.,or.r_gc.r_pw.r_qf.,cf.osb&fp=b68ed7436b443a6f&biw=1600&bih=760

Not sure it’s the fridge, but nevertheless I think you’ve narrowed the search way down. Thanks.
If it is the fridge, I’ll just unplug it while recording.

Be careful with it. In my old house the acoustically best place to record was dining room next to my kitchen. And fridge’s compressor noise was PITA while recording acoustic guitars, so used to switch it off. Now one friday before leaving for a weekend cruise I decided to record one more guitar track …

Ha! My daughter does the same thing regularly when she takes an ice cream and leaves the freezer door open.

Apart from electrical interference, another possibility may be that you’re computer is struggling with the audio card buffer size you’re using. Consider increasing this and check the audio for crackles again.


Ok. Increasing that Buffer will increase latency right? But if I direct monitor that doesn’t matter? Yeah, I’m a noob!
I’ll try to remember to turn the fridge back on! :laughing:
Thanks ya’ll.