noise in ce5?

i’ve been having a strange problem when playing back a project that only seems to happen when i have an audio file from ezdrummer: every few seconds during playback there is a barrage of noise that shows up on several of the tracks. i’ve been using voxengo recorder to record the drum tracks in real time. this is the first time this has happened. usually happens when i load up an older project…any ideas?

Complete sys specs? :bulb:

intel core i3, 6gb ram, win 7 x64 ulitimate

Any demo plugs used?

no demo plugs used.

You don’t say whether you run 32 or 64 bit Cubase.

i run cubase in x64.

You say audio file from EZ Drummer. Sure you don’t mean MIDI file? If it is audio files, do they end at zero crossings? If you Export, is the noise in the resulting file? Have you tried Trashing Prefs?

yeah it is an audio file. weird thing is, the noise shows up on the leds of tracks that don’t have audio in them at the time as well. how do i go about trashing prefs, if ya don’t mind me asking such a dumb question?

Look to the link in my sig.

i stupidly forgot to mention that the noise appears even when the project isn’t playing. :blush: tried trashing prefs, did nothing. :cry:


Make sure Release ASIO Driver In Background isn’t checked. Make sure all drivers and firmware are up to date for your soundcard. Check to see if there’s an OS background process that’s causing it.

no updates available for my (0202) interface. damn you e-mu!!! :imp: