Noise in Nuendo with Steinberg MR816X...

Hi everyone,

I am feeling a bit silly asking the question and I’m sure the problem and the solution might be right in front of my eyes, but I guess I need stronger glasses.

Anyway, here it goes. I am using a Steinberg MR816X with Nuendo 4 for multi track mixing, working at 48 kHz 24 bit sample rate and the problem that I have is white noise with certain projects. The weird part is that the noise exists even when the everything is paused (and no the monitoring is not on), but if I mute the channels the noise disappears. There is nothing connected to the inputs, their gain is at 0 and they are not even mapped, so it’s not coming through them. I know that at the recording stage some instruments where recorded with a lot of noise (specifically the bass), because we had high voltage equipment operating next door and the noise was audible during the recording. But how come the noise still exists when the tracks are not even playing, and I can see it when I insert an anti noise plug-in?

Please help, guys :confused:


The only explanation I can think of is that it’s caused by a plug-in. Perhaps a demo version. Some manufacturers add noise that gets worse over time as you try out the plug-in.