Noise interference in Cubase, but not in iTunes

I hear quiet high pitched sound interference coming from Cubase after playback. It´s quite annoying. When I close Cubase, the sound goes away. When I open Cubase, it´s silent, but when I push play and stop, the sound appears. When I play music from iTunes and stop playback the background is dead silent. I use Apogee Duet 2 and Symphony. It happens with both interfaces. Cubase is 6.5.4. Tried in Mountain Lion and Snow Leopard, happens in both.

What could cause this interference sound? Is this a Cubase problem? Interface problem?

Aloha K, You did not say what gear you are using but
just for a test, try using your Macs built-in audio (ugh) output
just to see if the prob is also present.

Since you said the problem persists in two other interfaces,
looks like your Mac might the prob.

What gear are you using?


ASIO in Cubase…CoreAudio in iTunes.

If you switch to the built in audio and it goes away, switch Cubase to use CoreAudio.

Also, check the sample rate of the projects…versus what the Apogee control panel says. CoreAudio will hide SRC better than ASIO.

Also, check the Apogee control panel mixer–make sure everything’s muted…and there’s not an open channel causing a low level feedback loop (since it only starts once you start playback).