Noise (mouse, Harddrive) within SpectraLayers Pro

when using SpectraLayers Pro, I hear static noise when using the mouse
(even more noise, when I use threedimensional sprectral view).
I hoped this would stop with version 11, but unfortunately it did not.
I also hear clicks and/or noise, when my harddisks (SSDs) are saving or something gets “rendered”.
On another PC I don’t have theese problems, so I think this is a setup issue.
It does not stop when I change the audiodriver configuration or the AI calculation method (CPU/GPU).
My setup is AMD Ryzen 5900X, 32 GB Ram, GTX 1650 super and RME Babyface.
No other Audiosoftware (Cubendo, Wavelab, RX, Dorico) does this.
Do you have an idea, what I could try out?
Thanks and all the best!

It’s groundloop / interference at your home, and nothing to do with SL.
There is more ways of eliminating groundloops.

Ground loop (electricity) - Wikipedia

You need to make sure, that all your equipment use the same “ground” connection in your house. There is also hardware filters, that you can put on your power connectors.


thanks for your fast reply and help.
I know ground loops (that do sound like my problem) from the past in not treated spaces. But here I have filters, a dedicated ground and no other DAW is having theese issues. That’s why I thought, it might be something else than a ground loop. (Or could it be a ground loop and SpectraLayers is more senitive to it?)
Next thing I try will be a different graphics card.
Thanks and all the best!

I had the problem back in the 90s, where a harddrive could make noise in my speakers, when it was spinning. I think it was solved with another computer at some time.

At my previous studio, I tested and used grounded voltage connections for all my gear, so that every single piece of gear was grounded to the same earth spear. This never made any problems for me in a any way.

I’ve actually never used filters in my voltage connections. But I know that you can get filters with one power input, and x amount of outlets that is filtered. Not sure if that could help, as you already tried some kind of filter.

Last solution is I guess, to talk to an electrician… maybe you have one in your family? :slight_smile:



If your using a ASIO audio device why dont you try and increase the buffer size.You can get these sort of problems if you try to use a very low latency.Try to increase your buffer size to 500 samples and see if it cures the problem.I use 500 as its quite stable.

Sometimes a zipper noise can appear when moving the mouse if the cables from the sound card to the (active) speakers are not balanced. The solution would be to use balanced cables.

Hello to all and thank you for your ideas.
I could not fix that problem. It appears either with 44.1 or 48 kHz. It does not change when changing the samplerate or buffers. And also the audiodrivers (wasapi, asio, etc) don’t change the noise.
As the noise is very silent, I can life with that. But I still can’t get my mind around this one. No other DAW or editor has this noise and I don’t understand how spectralayers can have a different static or groundloop problem that the other programs on the same machine.
And most funny.: The mouse-noise is stereo, the rendering (ssd-)noise is on the left speaker only.

Could it be the left speaker cable isn’t a balanced one?

Hi Marshall, thank you for the advice but I double checked all (!!!) cables. Best!

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Sorry, have no other idea.

It’s likely that the main hardware difference between SL and other DAWs/audio editors is the use of OpenGL.
I’ve heard of similar stories of computers/speakers generating static noise when the GPU was used, there are tons of stories like that if you google:
gpu static noise
You will likely find how to fix that hardware issue in those links.