noise on cubase inputs

Hi I have cubase 6.5 and I’m running a soundcraft desk and motu 24 in/outs. This has only just happened and the inputs on cubase are showing the leds up quite high when nothing is going through it. When i put it into record mode it then shows up on my leds on the outputs and on the motu. I have windows 7 and was running cubase 6 but upgraded in the hope that it might cure this. Even when i switch off the motu and desk the outputs show a high led. And if i actually record, on playback it sounds like static. This has never happened before and i have tried unistalling and reinstalling cubase several times with no luck. If someone could help I would be most grateful. Thanks.

Wait a minute, how are you monitoring your recorded work? What is the path from the DAW to the monitors? Or…are you saying this is all visual and in the DAW, that you can see the signal but not hear it?

In any case, unplug the Motu and run Cubase. Cubase should tell you that your interface can’t be found. Yes? Then plug in the Motu. OK? Then plug in the mixer to the Motu. OK? Work backwards from the software. Your problem is external to be sure. Check your input/output path.

If you have another sound card on your PC, well, I am assuming that when you fire up Cubase you are sure the Motu Asio driver is connected? You might have another driver connected I suppose, but typically the Motu wouldn’t work. Let us know?

Check your sample rates in Cubase and your interface. When hardware sample rates aren’t locked, the issue you described (high levels of static) will occur.