Noise or earth problem with Ur22C

Hi All.

I am new to recording but it has been a real struggle up to now. I bought the UR22C with Cubase Ai.

Firstly I attempted to record my semi acoustic guitar with a fishman classic 4 built in but there was a terrible noise. The noise faded when I grabed the Jack cable inserted in the guitar. It was like it had to be grounded or something.

I bought a LR Baggs M1A and installed that in my guitar and all was fine but I still really dont like the sound im producing in Cubase it is really plucky and you litteraly hear every little scratch over the strings and bump on the guitar.

So my first question is. Is there a way to get rid of the unwanted noises?. I read izotope is doing something with this but thats a really price solution. Is there a cubase way to clear the sound? Or is this a thing I should be getting used to?

Second question is that I got two electric guitars from my dad. A Godin Artisan TC and a Fender strat jpn. When I connect either one of these guitars there is also an annoying noise. The noise is only there in Hi-Z and gain up. The noise also disappears when I touch the strings or the jack plugged into my guitar.

Then there is also a peak noise when touch the strings and that is the most annoying part beacause when I’m playing and release the strings and then touch the string again you hear a peak noise.

I attached an mp3 file of this. In the first part you hear me touching and releasing the string and then im playing a little part where you will also hear the peaks.

I still think it has something to do woth earth since all the noises are gone when I grab a metal part of the guitar.

Do I need to buy a preamp with earth or a dibox or something? I also read something about a sound gate and i tried to use vstdynamics in cubase but had no luck with that. Or are my guitars no good? Or do i need another cable? I’m using a spectraflex so not the cheapest around.

I really hope you guys can help me out here.

noise en (738 KB)

Hi and welcome.
Grounding issues are indeed the case here.
Are your guitars correct grounded (many elecctro-acoustics aren’t)? are you using a Guitarcable or a Speakercable(which has nog shielding)?
Are you listening through headphones or active monitor speakers? with speakers, use a balanced audiocable.
Is the computer grounded? Is ALL grounding in your house solid? I noticed often some grounding-difference on every wall-outlet in my house.

The noise of sliding over the strings can only be reduced by playing very accurately and maybe not using brandnew strings or other kind of strings, but there always be some noise, it’s natural.
And also you will hear everything you touch or do on the body of a acoustic guitar, those electronics pickup every little noise, just be very careful while playing/recording. You will become used to it and better over time controlling it.

Only gone when you grab a connector or knob? and Still there if you only thouch the strings?
Every guitar should be deadquitte when you touch the strings, if that is not the case your guitar is not grounded good enough. Or this means: the strings are not grounded, which should be.

I had the same with a Epiphone Electro-Acoustic guitar of mine, the cheap Fishman built-in preamp was not grounded good enough. The noise only went away while grabbing the outputjack on the guitar. But I fixed this allready.