Noise Reduction\Preview - doesn't work very well

Hi the Preview controls don’t work very well. It seems it will only play back once with no way to restart the Preview playback, back to the beginning of the selection.

It makes auditioning the settings and tweaking the noise reduction to be just right almost impossible.


I can reproduce on my end %100. I can only ever use preview once on an event.

We often use the noise reduction in our audio to take out general background noise and others… When I captured the noise print from NR it di work but not very well. … When I preview I hear the same audio, no noise reduction. … Changing to default doesn’t seem to help, the tool already brings up my custom settings.

We have exactly the same problem with the noise reduction option in our audio to remove the background noise.
It seems like it does not work and the audio is still the same with no noise reduction.
Were you able to find a solution to the problem?